Community Litter Pick – Saturday, 3 June

Another successful Community Litter Pick… On Saturday, 4 June four volunteers managed to collect seven bags of litter and a 2 square metre section of welded wire fencing!

The areas covered in this pick were Black Road, former Whitwell Terrace, the Railway walk opposite Woodridge up to the Cricket Ground, the edge of Sports Field and finally Goatbeck. Not bad for a couple of hours work! Thank you to all volunteers.

Another successful litter pick!

imageThis morning (27 April 2016), before the very seasonable rain, hail and snow, our Chair – Danny – and another seven volunteers (including five from our local Tesco) completed another successful litter pick in the village.

The team picked the path and riverside between Stonebridge and Langley Bridge. The picture shows some of the team from Tesco and Danny.  The pile of bags looks smaller than normal because half of them were actually collected whilst the pick was in progress!

This pick takes the total so far this year to 66 bags. That’s 91 bags in total if we include our first ever pick last year!

Community litter picks!

Four volunteers braved the snow, rain and cold on Saturday morning (16 April) for our third Community Litter Pick. Some very interesting items recovered from Goatbeck, Langley Moor this morning; a camping kettle, a bag of six empty bottles of Prosecco, half a child’s bike, and a pair of trousers! Our volunteers filled 18 bags!

Our Chair, Danny, also organised an additional litter pick on Monday 18 April with three managers and three staff volunteers from Tesco. The pick took place along the Bishop Brandon walkway from Brandon Lane to the Cricket Club at Brandon. Our volunteers filled 14 bags.

These two picks takes the total picked to 75 bags collected from our four litter picks.

These picks were completed with our newly acquired equipment purchased with a donation from the Temperance Trust .

If anyone wants to put forward an area in Langley Moor for our next litter pick please let us know.


Litter pick – Saturday 20 February

Following on from the success of our first community litter pick, we have organised a second litter pick. We’d be extremely grateful for any volunteers to help keep Langley Moor tidy!

Volunteers are asked to meet at 9.30am at Boyne Place, Langley Moor on Saturday 20 February 2016.

If children are present, we ask that they are accompanied by an adult at all times.

Equipment will be supplied.


Langley Moor’s first community Litter Pick – success!

If you were out and about in the village on Saturday morning, you may have seen our keen volunteers taking part in our first community litter pick. The team met at 9.00am, 18 April 2015, and made excellent progress in two and a half hours!

The volunteers collected 25 bags of rubbish from areas around the village – a fantastic team effort.

If you’d like to get involved in our next litter pick or other events, why not pop along to our regular group meetings, or get in touch via the website or our Facebook page? We’d love to hear from you.

Here are some pictures of the volunteers in action…

Litter pick Litter pick Litter pick Litter pick Litter pick Litter pick Litter pick Litter pick