Holliday Park is OPEN!

Just in time for the Easter holidays, Holliday Park is completed and open for business to be enjoyed by all!

Unfortunately the seat and down wire is missing from our zip wire, but this certainly doesn’t spoil the enjoyment of the other facilities, which within moments of the security fencing being taken down, were being tested by local children! Picnic benches and seating are installed and awaiting some good weather!

We are very proud of our new park, and very thankful to everyone who helped make this project a reality.


High Street gap site almost complete!

You may have been following our recent progress updates on the gap site in High Street, Langley Moor. There’s a selection of images from the last few days below. Feedback from residents and on our Facebook page has been extremely positive. Next up… We’re hoping the works at Holliday Park start very soon!

gap7  gap9

gap8  gap6

gap5  gap4

gap3  gap2


High Street, Langley Moor – Gap Site update

Unfortunately the work to create our new public area has been delayed by a week.

The new start date for works to commence is 13 April 2015. The gap in the High Street behind the bus shelter will be completely transformed into a wonderful meeting place which we hope the whole community will enjoy for many years to come.

Further updates once work commences will be posted to the site.

New seating installed in Holliday Park

Friends of Langley Moor have been working hard with our Parish County Councillors to develop plans to refurbish Holliday Park in the village. As part of this we’ve proudly donated two wonderful new seats for the park. Located near the entrance in a wonderful spot the seats look great.

We’ll hopefully have some more updates soon on ongoing work at the park – it is all very exciting!

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