High Street, Langley Moor – update

A Works Order has been placed for the gap site on High Street, Langley Moor. Work is scheduled to begin in April 2015. When this is finished the regeneration to this area should really make a significant difference to Langley Moor, we’ll keep you posted with further updates on the project.

Below is the final drawing for the ‘gap site’, we will also be installing a notice board on the site which will, among other things, display the times and dates of the Friends of Langley Moor meetings.

Final drawing of the gap site located at High Street, Langley Moor.     10429352_1002219383127591_4194846879026391180_n

High Street, Langley Moor

1505166_1002220179794178_9178609053613467899_nGREAT NEWS! Our County Councillors have secured the final amount of money needed to complete the funding we require to progress the new community ‘meeting place’ on High Street, Langley Moor.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this exciting project which we believe will really make a big difference to our village.