Some recent news…

Our September meetings generated some great updates; the first meeting was to look at the plans for new play equipment for Holliday Park, with three possibilities to choose from. The three concepts will now go to St Patricks and Langley Moor Primary schools for the children to make their choice. We had hoped to commence work in the park in May this year, however it now looks like work will begin in 2016.

The Friends of Langley Moor group hopes to paint the park fence in the next few weeks, we will update you when this is arranged.

We have also begun to make arrangements for this years Christmas event, where does the time go? The group also discussed various ideas for Langley Moor High Street, following the wonderfully successful Boyne Place project.

Everyone is of course very welcome to attend meetings, if you do have ideas for our village and you can’t make our meetings, why not post any ideas that you may have on here, we would really welcome your input.

Our next meeting is Thursday 8 October 2015 at 7pm.

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