Community litter picks!

Four volunteers braved the snow, rain and cold on Saturday morning (16 April) for our third Community Litter Pick. Some very interesting items recovered from Goatbeck, Langley Moor this morning; a camping kettle, a bag of six empty bottles of Prosecco, half a child’s bike, and a pair of trousers! Our volunteers filled 18 bags!

Our Chair, Danny, also organised an additional litter pick on Monday 18 April with three managers and three staff volunteers from Tesco. The pick took place along the Bishop Brandon walkway from Brandon Lane to the Cricket Club at Brandon. Our volunteers filled 14 bags.

These two picks takes the total picked to 75 bags collected from our four litter picks.

These picks were completed with our newly acquired equipment purchased with a donation from the Temperance Trust .

If anyone wants to put forward an area in Langley Moor for our next litter pick please let us know.


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